How to capture your custom song reveal

Your song will last a lifetime. Get your reveal on camera, so that memorable moment can live forever too.

First, think about where you'll reveal your song

In your car

A quiet space indoors

Somewhere outside

Some of the best reveals happen in cars! It's a great place to block outside noise and get plenty of natural light.

At home, in the kitchen, at the office — find a space with good lighting without too much noise, and think about the background too.

Outdoor reveals are tricky, but they can also make for an impactful, emotional moments. Just be mindful of the extra noise.

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Follow these top tips for the perfect reveal

Find somewhere quiet.

Do a test run.

Hop in the shot.

You'll want your special someone to hear every single lyric, and you'll want to capture anything they say about how much they love the song, too.

Make sure your speakers are working and the volume is just right. You know how technology can be. Don't let it spoil your moment.

It may sound awkward, but trust us. You'll capture an even more natural reaction if you're next to them instead of behind the camera.


Charge your phone ahead of time. Your phone battery is probably the last thing on your mind before the big moment. Plan ahead and make sure you've got plenty of juice to record your reveal.

Turn your notifications off. Whether it's a loved one or even more likely, a telemarketer, you don't want an incoming call to interrupt your song.

Put the camera in a sweet spot. Place the camera in a stable position to avoid shaking or movement during the reveal. If you're filming in your car, try using a dashboard mount.

Record the entire reveal. Hit record before you start playing the song. The little bits of conversation before and after the song really make the moment event more memorable.

Be natural. Finally, be yourself and let the moment unfold naturally. We aren't aiming for cinematic masterpiece. We're aiming for an authentic and heartfelt reaction from your loved one that you can cherish forever.

Already recorded your reveal?